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Mencari Kerja ? Dapatkan Peluang Bisnis

Dapatkan Peluang Bisnis sekarang juga jika anda sedang mencari kerja, anda akan mendapatkan keuntungan yang menjanjikan.

Health Food


Organic K-Biogreen is a well-balanced and nutritious organic food source made from ingredients such as beans, grains, vegetables, seaweed, bifido-bacteria and food enzyme to cleanse and detoxify, rejuvenate and restore the healthy functions of the body.


Manufactured via modern pharmaceutical technology, K-Nature's Care E. Breviscapus Capsules utilizes the herb Erigeron Breviscapus to improve blood circulation and assists in the recurrence of stroke among sufferers.


Riddance is aim to remove toxin from our internal organs and digestive system besides helping to filter and purify our blood circulation system.

Gamat Extract with Honey (HF 027A)

Gamat Extract with Honey is a natural health supplement that contains a combination of natural minerals, purified gama-peptide complex, honey, vitamin B6, vitamin B1 and beta carotene to delay the process of ageing.

GAMAT EXTRACT With Taurine (HF 026A)

Gamat Extract with Taurine is a unique supplement for the healing and health enhancement of skin complexion. The Gamat Extract is a quality product with proven superior efficacy of Jelly Gamat. It may be taken and used for daily consumption.


Propolis Platinum is made of plant compounds, which possess high quality antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help stimulate white blood cells to improve the body’s immune system.

K-OmegaSqua (HF 029)

K-OmegaSqua is a supplement that is beneficial to our heart, blood vessel, skin and brain as it help enhances blood circulation, reduces fat formation, increase oxygen level in cells and act as antioxidant.

K-OsteoCal (HF 028)

K-OsteoCal powder contains a unique blend of organic calcium, marine collagen, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals. It is formulated as a readily available and well assimilated calcium and collagen source particularly recommended to people from all walks of life. In addition, this unique product also contains health-promoting ingredients that contribute to boosting your immune system and is particularly useful for health problems of bones.

K-Sage Plus (HF 030 & HF 030s)

K-SAGE PLUS is a premium quality herbal extract dietary supplement specially designed to help improve the function of the brain. K-SAGE PLUS is specially formulated to improve memory; promotes stress relief and having a calming effect to control anger.

K-Sauda VCO (HF 031)

K-Sauda VCO is a unique combination of Virgin Coconut Oil, Habbatus Sauda Oil and vitamin E. It helps to increase the body’s immune system for our general well-being. The uniqueness of K-Sauda VCO is that it is processed using a special technique, therefore reducing the possibility of damaging its fatty acid. K-Sauda VCO is prepared in a soft capsule for easy consumption and not easily damaged or contaminated by air and bacteria.

K-Lingzhi Gold (HF043S)

K-Lingzhi Gold helps to enhance your immune system, lower the cholesterol level in blood and amount of free fat in the body. It also helps to improve the functions of the kidneys and liver as well as lower our blood lipids. K-Lingzhi Gold is effective in stabilizing red cell membrane, improving our blood circulation and keeping our nerves calm. The Lingzhi are grown in a Green House Hygienic Environment which is chemical-free.

K-Bamboo Salt (HF036/HF037)

K-Bamboo Salt is made of natural sea salt found from rocks in the west coast of the Korean peninsular. It contains natural minerals from bamboo, pine trees, pine resins and yellow earth. It is filled into bamboo trunks aged over 3 years old and concealed with yellow earth, which are then burned using pine woods together with pine resins up to the temperature of above 1500ÂșC, up to 9 times to release the mineralized content in the salt. During the burning process of the bamboo salt, all types of toxins are neutralized and at the same time the process gathers, stabilizes and improves mineral such as potassium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, germanium and others in the salt to benefit the body. It is an energizing and alkalized natural health food that is different from natural salt.

K-Nitrilosides Seeds & Kernels (HF040)

K- Nitrilosides Seeds & Kernels is a natural mix powder of nitrilosidic seeds and kernels in perfect combination for delivering a wider spectrum of natural goodness of phytochemicals, enzymes, vitamins.

K-Phyto Omega 3 (HF041)

Flaxseed contains high nutritional and health benefits to the body and rich in ALA (Omega-3 Fatty Acid) and phytochemical lignan SDG (Secoisolariciresinol diglycoside). It is rich in fiber which helps to promote bowel regularities by scraping the colon clean. Golden flax also helps to generate optimum health benefits.

K-Uttervin (HF042)

Just A Few Drops, Health on the Top!

If you are having these problems, K-Uttervin may help you.

  • Heart problems due to blockage in the blood flow.
  • Diabetes.
  • High blood pressure.
  • High fat content.
  • Blocked blood vessels in the organs of the body.
  • Scabies on the head and body.
  • Gangrene due to diabetes.
  • Blood vessels emerging and bulging prominently after delivery.
  • Cracked heels.
  • Acnes.
  • Poor sexual energy for men and women.
  • No feelings from the knees to feet.
  • Mouth ulcers.
  • Uterine bleeding.
  • Itchiness all over the body.
  • Gout.
  • Smelly urine.
  • Piles.
  • Migraine.
  • Asthma.
  • Sinus.
  • Psoriasis.

K-Ig-Gold (HF032)

K-Ig-Gold contains numerous compounds and balanced organic nutrients which affect more than 50 processes in the body. It also supports the immune system and the regeneration and growth of all types of cells.

Over 4000 clinical studies have been published on the use of colostrums. Other than helping the body to restore compromised body immune systems, it has a great potential to aid the body in recovering from modern medical problems such as constipation, arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, tonsillitis, diabetes, high cholesterol and etc.

K-Ig-Gold also rich in DHA. DHA has been known for its role in the development of the brain and nervous system. DHA is also one of the most abundant fat to the formation of retina of the eye and maintain it’s regular peformance. Therefore, a decrease in Omega-3 fatty acid, especially DHA, may adversely affect the nervous system.

Health Drink


K-Liquid Chlorophyll is extracted from alfalfa, known for its highly valued nutrients. Alfalfa, also known as the “father of food” in Arabic due to its powerful healing properties is a natural source of nutrients that is used to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate the body.

Golden Valley SOD High Grade Rooibos Tea (HD 001A)

Golden Valley SOD High Grade Rooibos Tea is a truly unique beverage with a full range of health benefits that can be enjoyed both hot and cold as well as a refreshing drink on all occasion.


K-Liquid Organic Spirulina offers a balanced meal to adults and children as well as an energy booster that helps to provide athletes with energy and stamina. It can also help to cleanse our body’s internal organs and boosts our immune system.


K-LINK Arabica Coffee is made from a unique blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans with ginseng and ganoderma extract. Start your morning with a fresh cup of K-Link Arabica coffee. Its delightful aroma is enough to freshen you up, making you feel more energetic and rejuvenated.



AyuArtis is an herbal combination that is designed to alleviate discomfort and reduce inflammation of the joints. AyuArtis expel toxins and allergens that may contribute to inflammation and reduces excess fluid build-up.


AyuAsmo is an herbal combination that provides nutritional support for the respiratory system, neutralise and reject dust, pollen, pollutants and micro-organisms and keep them from harming the body's delicate tissues.


AyuBes is an herbal combination that is very effective in controlling and reducing high blood sugar. AyuBes helps to reduce blood sugar levels, bringing about a balance in the body’s metabolism and restoring healthy blood sugar levels.


AyuDerme is an herbal combination that provides nourishment to the body by promoting healthy skin and treats a variety of skin problems, improves digestion, strengthens the liver and eliminate wastes and toxins from the colon and kidney.


AyuLite is a liver tonic that tones and helps strengthen the function of the liver for better absorption and body detoxification.


AyuRhoids is an herbal combination that helps to provide prompt relief in piles-hemorrhoids. It also helps to relieve bleeding, assists digestion and helps to reduce constipation.


AyuRin is an herbal combination that is highly recommended to remove the build-up of toxins in the body due to metabolism of natural chemicals in the urinary tract.


AyuLax is an herbal combination that acts to flush the bowel, relieving the person of constipation. It flushes and cleanses the stomach of unwanted elements besides relieving flatulence and colic.


AyuVigo is a proven herbal tonic that help rejuvenates the system, enhances immunity and improves vitality.


AyuVita is an herbal tonic that is safe and gentle, which is specially formulated for women. It improves general metabolic activity, helps relief in genitourinary disorder, provides resistance against infections, enhances beauty and improves vitality.

Health Care


KINOTAKARA is the latest natural wellness breakthrough from Japan. As a natural toxin absorbent, it helps prevent and alleviate diseases for a healthier lifestyle.

Seven Star Water Filtration Sytem (HC 025)

The 7-Star Water Filtration System possesses 7 specially designed filters to help make water cleaner and improve the quality of water. With its advanced bio-technology filters, the 7-Star Water Filtration System can help to energize the content of water, turn water molecules smaller and providing one with natural and healthy water in the best possible condition.


Gamat Vitagel is a traditional emollient to soften skin, heal minor cuts and burns, wounds, swelling and relieve acne. To be applied on skin or any affected area two or three times a day. For external use only.

K-AquaLife Hydrogen Water Stick (HC 023)

K-AquaLife Hydrogen Water Stick , was developed after many years of research in Japan . It is a ground-breaking product that allows you to make hydrogen-rich drinking water easily anywhere, at your convenience. Hydrogen water is very effective in eliminating active oxygen, which is considered to be the cause of ageing and many kinds of diseases.

K-EnergySocks (HC 018)

K-EnergySocks are made of pure cotton and are embedded with Bio-Ceramic which emits far infrared ray and Bio-Energy. The far infrared rays and Bio-Energy can penetrate deeply into the sensitive part of our soles and promote blood circulation. It also helps prevent bacterial growth, eliminate foot odour and itchiness.


K-Puyikang is an exceptionally wonderful product for women’s general well being. Possess unique properties for feminine hygiene.


Slimming Suit is specially made to help women maintain a healthy and slim figure besides helping to regulate, massage and improve blood circulation in the body.

K-Elegance Tudung (HC 014A)

K-Elegance Tudung Head Cover Infra-Red Health System helps to alleviate and relieve ailments such as giddiness, headache and general weakness, sleep disorder, lethargic, and help to reduce body odour.

K-CleanWater (HC 020A)

Unclean water is a major cause of concern for public health and is known to carry water-bourne disease. With the simplified filtration system and the ability to filter sediments as small as 10 microns, K-CleanWater provides you with a sparkling clean and odour free water. K-CleanWater is user friendly, no changing of cartridges required, anti-rust and suitable for domestic and industrial use. With K-CleanWater, achieving a healthier living is made easy for everyone.

K-EnergyMax (HC 033)

This is a pair of devices designed to restore your natural foot function. Body pains like heel pain, knee pain, ankle pain, lower back pain and hip pain may be caused by poor foot function.

K-Perfect (HC034)

A perfect body figure is the second most important thing in life for a woman. Based on a research done among 34,000 women from around the world, it shows that the perfect body cutting waist-to-hip ratio is 0.7 (waistline divided by hipline). A beautiful body figure must be shaped and restructured at some uneven parts of the body. K-Perfect Bamboo Charcoal Body Shaper can fulfill the dream of a woman now! Besides helping women maintaining their good body figure, it also helps them to keep their body healthy. Experience the magic of body slimming technology for women!

Beauty Care

Beautiful Skin Begins with K-BeauCareline Skin Care Series!

K-BeauCareline Skin Care Series is specially formulated with natural ingredients to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. It is definitely the right choice for youthful, supple and nourished skin!

There are 7 specially formulated products in the K-BeauCareline Skin Care Series to take care of your skin. They are separated into four (4) easy steps to lead you to healthy and beautiful skin.

Step 1 : Cleansing
Step 2 : Moisturizing
Step 3 : Anti-aging
Step 4 : Protecting

Understanding the Needs of Your Skin Most!

BiOxy Super Essence (BC015)

  • Specially formulated with natural ingredients like Hydrolysed Algin, rose, licorice, mushroom, rosemary and olive leaf extracts.
  • Suitable for moiturizing, activating, stabilizing, tightening and rejuvenating the skin.
  • Maintaining a youthful complexion.
  • Suitable for dehydrated skin and repair skin tone.
  • Helps to reduce free radicals.
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin

Foam Cleanser (BC016)

  • Specially formulated from amino acids of wheat protein.
  • Contains high amount of glycerine and xylitol to provide moisture to the skin.
  • Mild and non-irritative to the skin.
  • After washing, the skin will feel fresh and soothing.
  • Suitable for all skin type.

Hydration Fluid (BC 017)

  • Hydration Fluid uses natural humectants to moisture, nourish and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Specially formulated with cucumber, aloe vera, witch hazel and seaweed extracts.
  • Absorbs into the skin easily.
  • Maintains moisture and softness of the skin.
  • Helps to reduce the size of skin pores for tighter skin.
  • For better skin complexion.

Deodorant Beauty Soap (BC 012)

  • Deodorant Soap is specially formulated for the whole body.
  • Suitable for all skin type, especially sensitive skin and acne skin.
  • Specially formulated from natural ingredients such as palm oil, glycerine and lavender oil.
  • Removes excessive oil and debris on skin and cleanse the skin thoroughly.
  • Helps to control various skin problems like acne, irritation, pimples and rashes.
  • Helps to reduce the risks of infection by bacteria and body odour.
  • Improves skin complexion and texture.

Firming Cream (BC 019)

  • Specially formulated with sesame seed protein, squalene, evening primrose oil, water lily and hibiscus extracts.
  • Improves blood circulation, helps to increase metabolism, helps to repair skin layers by rebuilding collagen structure and elastin network of the skin.
  • Slows down aging process of the skin cells, help to reduce wrinkles and improve immunity of the cells.
  • For better and tighter skin.
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin for youthful and better complexion.

Sunscreen Cream SPF15 (BC 020)

  • Protects the skin from UVA and UVB.
  • Slows down aging process caused by UV rays.
  • Helps to moisturize and for better skin complexion.
  • Not oily and do not cause blockage to skin pores. Skin will feel comfortable after using.
  • Suitable to be used as base powder for makeup.
  • Suitable for all skin type

Milk Cleanser (BC 021)

  • Removes oil-based cosmetics and debris effectively.
  • Does not contain mineral oil which may cause blockage to skin pores.
  • Cleaning and removing dirt and moisturizing the skin.
  • Additional chamomile extract and nanosilver solutions helps to reduce the risks of skin allergy and infection by bacteria.
  • Suitable for all skin type

UIE Products

K-Energy Cream (UP 003A)

K-Energy Cream is made of natural resources infused with Universe Induced Energy (UIE). Apart from nourishing the skin, it helps to slim and tone the body, reduces odour and prevent the occurrence of athlete’s foot. When used frequently, it can produce a radiant look and youthful body.

K-Energy Black Jade (UP 001)

K-Energy Black Jade is manufactured by using natural black jade infused with Universe Induced Energy (UIE). Does not contain any chemicals, harmful materials or emission, the K-Energy Black Jade provides unlimited energy and strength for men towards a better family life.

K-Energy Jade Ring (UP 008A)

K-Energy Jade Ring is manufactured by using natural jade infused with Universe Induced Energy (UIE) to provide unlimited energy and strength to human beings and protect the body against various bacteria.

K-Energy Touch (UP 007)

The exclusive UIE K-Energy Touch is originated from the pure and natural element of Universe Induced Energy (UIE) to help the delay of deterioration as well as decaying process. It can also be used to help enhance the quality of our health.

K-DeepHeat Oil (UP 009)

K-Deep Heat Oil is a specially formulated oil for temporary relief of joint and muscular pains, backache, stiff neck, cramps and minor sprains.

K-Energy Sticker (UP 006)

By harnessing the useful rays of the Universe Induced Energy (UIE), the K-Energy Sticker is a specially designed sticker that is small in size for easy application and convenient use on any part of the hand phone, television, computers, and other electrical appliances.

Car Care

K-FuelSaver™ (CC 007)

K-FuelSaver™ is a product from U.S.A. It is a multi tasking fuel additive in tablet form suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

Visit K-FuelSaver™ website.

XploProtect (SC 002)

XploProtect is made from a special alloy that helps prevent explosion by absorbing increasing kinetic energy that occurs in 1/20,000,000 of a second.

K-FuelSaver™ for Motorcycles (CC007s)

K-FuelSaver™ is now available for motorcycles!

K-FuelSaver™ for Motorcycles is a fuel treatment tablet, helps to improve certain performance enhancing characteristics of the fuel and vehicle when added into fuel.

K-CrystalClean (CC008)

A magical touch to crystal clear headlamps!

K-CrystalClean is the latest liquid glass technology from Japan , trusted by professionals and is now available in DIY form.

K-ColourShine (CC009)

Stylish . Sporty . Funky – Glowing Headlamps with Vibrant Colour

K-ColorShine headlamp coating is created to make your headlamps clear and glitter like crystals. Using low temperature sol-gel and nano technologies, K-ColorShine forms a protective layer on your headlamps, making it more resistant towards impact from fine sand and road debris. With a range of crystal colours to choose from, you may remove and reapply K-ColorShine anytime to suit your style and preference.

Personal Care

K-everPure Passion Fruit Shower Gel (PC 005)

K-EverPure Passion Fruit Shower Gel is a n invigorating and nourishing shower gel enriched with Passion Fruit Extract and Soy Protein to moist and nourishes your skin.

K-BioAntibac Intimate Cream (PC 010)

Fights multidrug resistant, superbugs and nosocomial bacteria effectively.

K-BioAntibac Body Shower Gel (PC 006)

Fights multidrug resistant, superbugs and nosocomial bacteria effectively.

K-BioHairCare Hair Shampoo Conditioner (PC 007)

Helps keep the hair bacteria-free.

K-BioAntibac Hand Wash Gel (PC 008)

Fights multidrug resistant, superbugs and nosocomial bacteria effectively.

K-BioAntibac Intimate Cleanser (PC 009)

Fights multidrug resistant, superbugs and nosocomial bacteria effectively.